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Flower delivery near me

Flower delivery near me. There is always one!

It becomes really difficult to choose from a flower delivery near me, when looking at so many of them because all the flowers look so beautiful and ecstatic. There are so many floral designs to choose from. We wish we could buy all of them but that could not be the case all the time.

A little guide to how to choose flowers for yourself or a loved one can be a lot of help.  Here is a quick guide on easy online flowers when you are short on time to read our full dedicated blog on flowers and occasion. Our motto: Send flowers today

Which are the Flower deliveries near me?

Romance always calls for Red roses, so be it your anniversary, date nights or those special evenings or Valentine’s Day red roses can ignite the fire and make you a winner. It are simply beautiful flowers.

For birthday or special occasion, we would suggest something more lively and festive. You can go for Red and pinks for your significant other and yellows for friends and family. We have dedicated a whole blog about flowers and when to offer which flower on what occasion.

Your choice can widely depend on your personal choice of the recipient and also if you have repeatedly gifted same flowers and want to do something different this time. However, it's important that you make sure that the flowers you gifted should last a little longer than usual.  This makes it your perfect gift And the good thing; you can have all of these flowers delivered.

The life of a bouquet of flowers largely depends on how you will take care of them at home, and on the quality and freshness of flowers. Here we are going to share guidelines on how to choose for a flower delivery near me. Find the freshest and best floral arrangement.

There are majorly three things to look for in a flower once you have decided the flower you want to order-

The Buds
The Stems
The Leaves and the Water

The Buds

The bud is actually a part of the plant that turns into a blossom when matured. Here we are calling the upper part of the flower as a bud. It includes petals and everything inside it. If you see pollens which are a seed-like structure in the middle of the petals, it would mean that flowers were plucked after they have crossed their prime age.

Especially for flowers arrangements, flowers should be cut before they get a chance to seed, so if you see any, it means the flowers won't last quite as long.

This would result in the death of the flowers in just a few hours. The petals of these kinds of flowers start to fall down immediately upon touching. Run your fingers gently from the bottom to the top of bud. Petals should be firm.

Petals that feel moist would not stay for that long and will eventually go bad. So for buying fresh-cut flowers check the buds and petals. If the petals have started getting discolored, wilted or transparent it would mean that flowers are not fresh. All of these are the signs that the flowers are past their peak freshness. Keep this in mind while looking for a flower delivery near me. So to summarize –

o    There should be no seeds
o    Petals should be firm.
o    Petal should not be moist or discolored.

The Stems

When we see flowers the immediate things we focus on is the bud and the blossom. If it feels good to your eyes it becomes more or less clear to us that flowers are fresh and now we know what to look for. But there are certain things that we do not focus on too much and are more prone to make mistakes here. That is to check out the stems.

Stems should be green, strong, steady and unwavering. If the stems of our chosen flower are bent or broken, then do not buy them. These flowers will limp much sooner and become flaccid. Ensure the ends of the stems are green or white and strong. Any discoloration is questionable. So if you that the ends of the stems are getting brown, yellow or frayed, do not buy them and ask your florist for fresh flowers.

The discoloration can mean that the flower has been affected by bacteria. It may have just entered the stem at the moment but it can grow up to leaves and bud too.

To summarize-

o    Stems should be green and strong
o    Stems should not be broken or bent
o    Stems should not be discolored or infected.

The Leaves

We have already spoken about the petals, buds and the stem. Leaves grow on the stem so it is very much a part of the stem but have its own distinctive features. Leaves are very important part of your plant. This is the place where the photosynthesis takes place and is the place where plants make their food with the help of air, sunlight and water. Apart from air, sunlight, and water there is a substance called chlorophyll.

It gives substance gives the color to the leaves. So just like your kitchen can tell a lot about you and your family similarly the leaves tell a lot about its plants and flowers. The leaves along the stem should be healthy and green. If they are yellow or discolored or have holes do not buy them. Non-sagging, strong, green and shiny leaves are the indication of  your healthy and fresh flowers.

The Water

Now that we have spent a good time on understanding that the flower we are buying is fresh and will stay for a little longer than usual. There are certainly few more things that can hamper the freshness and growth of your flowers. If you have bought nice flowers remember to keep them in fresh water in a vase in your house and office, they can live for at least a week or more and enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

But before that, it is very important to check if the fresh flower that you are planning to buy has been kept nicely at your florist. So you will need to review if the florist has kept the flowers in the right neat and clean water.

The water has to be clean, clear and nutrient-rich. Apparently, it is not possible to check if the flowers were watered with clean water when they were planted but you can definitely check the water in the vase. It should not be dark or gloomy and do not have any particles in it like dead leaves or anything. The water in tyour vase can affect the health of your flower.

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