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Nightingale’s heart colored Roses Red!

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. – Stated by Gerard De Nerval. Sometimes a simple combination of the bright colors, the freshness and the beauty makes Flowers a perfect gift for every occasion.

Flower gift is one historically and traditionally accepted gift across the globe. With a wide range of colors and meaningful symbols, flower gifts are well suited for various occasions like anniversaries, weeding, success, love, congratulations, get well soon, best of luck and many more wishes.

A flower gift adds a personal touch to the emotion being shared between the two people.

With its innocence and beauty, this is a perfect and priceless gifting option for parent, teachers, bosses, and kids. A flower gift easily adds souls to any intimate occasion shared between you and your partner on any special day such as anniversaries.

A bouquet of flowers made from lilies, orchids, roses, tulips etc. carries a charm and beauty that is beyond description with a distinctive magnetic attraction towards instant happiness.

Interesting facst about flower gifts

Some interesting facts about Roses flower gift are following.

  • Roses are popularly known to be a native flower to the United States and are also a national flower emblem. Also, June is known as a National Rose Month of the year.
  • Out of three flowers mentioned in the Bible, Rose is one among them. Other two flowers are Lilies and camphire (henna).
  • Since ancient days Rose is the only flower that portrays a symbol love as well as express sympathy and sorrow.

Even historic texts across the globe have a lot to mention about the significance of Roses as flower gifts. In ancient texts books, Rose is mentioned as a symbol of love and beauty. A story written by William Shakespeare, once Cleopatra welcomed her beloved Marc Antony in her room filled with rose petals.

The rose - the historical flower

Rose was also known to be sacred and symbolizes Aphrodite to the Greeks (and Venus to the Romans).

Another popular and beautiful story shows love between a Rose and Nightingale.  As per the story, all the roses earlier were of pure white in color. One night, Nightingale saw a beautiful rose and fell in love with it. The feeling of love made nightingale sing a beautiful song.

Earlier nightingales just chirped and croaked. But that night, the nightingale sang a beautiful song. While singing she was deeply immersed in the feeling of love and her passion overtook her. She pressed herself against the flower so much that a thorn pierced her heart. Still, she kept on singing. Since then roses gained a beautiful color of red and symbolized the feeling of true love and passion.

Spring is nature’s way of saying – Let’s Party! Hence the month of happiness is blended with beautiful and colorful flower gifts that can be presented to all loved ones. From cheap flowers online untill more expensive flowers, you just can find anything. And don`t forget to use our flowers discount code.

Flower gifts simply add happiness to and mix colors to the monotonous black and white life every human irrespective of age, gender, religion, and profession.

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