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Flower shops; number speaks a lot!

Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower. – Stated by Hans Christian Andersen. Flower shops, the place for flower gifts always say that a bouquet of flower gifted to near and dear ones express an uncounted number of emotions.

Yes! Just choosing the color of the flower were never enough to convey your innermost feelings. And what about using a flower discount code?

The combination of the color of flowers blended with the right count of flowers conveys the right message perfectly. To achieve this level of expertise, florists at offline or online flower shops need years of hands-on experiences.

To explain the importance of the number of flowers, we choose the feeling associated with the most commonly gifted category at every flower shops that are bouquets of roses.

The rose; the most admired flower

The most admired and evocative flower, The Rose, is also available in different colors where each color has its own significance. Red Rose perfectly portrays the deep passionate feeling of love and romance whereas Pink rose is known for its grace and elegance showing gratitude and appreciation.

Flower shops pay significant attention to white roses as they are traditionally linked with weeding and ceremonies showcasing spirituality and a new start. Yellow roses fulfill the duty of sending a joyful message. It issymbolizing friendship and good health at the same time Orange rose signifies enthusiasm, passion, and gratitude.

Understanding the role of numbers, a single rose expresses the feeling of love at first sight. A single rose given to a partner in future years of relationship conveys the messages of “I still love you”. A pair of rose showcases mutual love and affection between the giver and receiver.

For one month anniversary, couples are advised to choose a bouquet of three roses from flower shops. This represents the shared love. If you are at school gifting to your crush or feels a mature passion for someone at the office, choose a bouquet of six roses that showcases infatuation, an early stage of the relationship. A bouquet of nine roses conveys a strong message of “we’ll be together forever”.

To show perfection in your love, gifts a perfectly crafted bouquet of ten roses from that nearby flower shops. Or maybe you can order cheap flowers online.

“Be mine!” – shouted a dozen of roses!

With a bouquet of thirteen roses express your forever lasting friendship. A beautiful way to apologies is gifting someone a bouquet of fresh fifteen roses from offline or online flower shops.

On the other side, with a bouquet of 20 roses, you can express your sincerity of your feelings. With a bouquet of 21 roses, showcase your dedication towards your partner.

“I’m yours!” – shouted two dozen of roses!

With cheap online flowers gifting option, say congratulations to your friends, relatives, and co-workers by sending a bouquet of twenty-five roses. Experienced florists at flower shops say that three dozen of roses expresses so many feels like “Big spender”, “I will remember our romantic moments”, or “I’m head over heels in love”.

A big bouquet of forty roses expresses your genuine love for your partner. To express your boundless love, send a bouquet of fifty or more beautiful roses that shows your limitless love for your partner.

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