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Keukenhof gardens 2018 Holland

Keukenhof gardens 2018

Are you interested in the Keukenhof gardens 2018? It is for sure worth a visit. The most amazing flowers you have ever seen. The Keukenhof is most famous flower exhibition in the world. Do you love flowers? When you have the opportunity you should pay the Keukenhof a visit! Read more about the Keukenhof gardens 2018!

Where to find the Keukenhof gardens?

The Keukenhof is in Lisse in The Netherlands. It is a short drive from Amsterdam. From Amsterdam there are many tours organized to visit the Keukenhof.

From other major cities you will also not have trouble to go to the Keukenhof.

The Keukenhof is not all year around opened. In fact, it is only about 2 months opened during the spring.  The Keukenhof gardens 2018 opening period is: March 22nf until May 13.  This openings period is every year slightly different.

Keukenhof gardens 2018

Best time to visit

The set-up is that during the opening period, there are always flowers blossoming.

But still you want to be there when the flowers are the most beautiful. Here the weather plays an important role. This year it has been colder then normal, so the flowers will most likely blossom later than normal.

On the other hand, if there are a couple of warm days in the row, the flowers will also quite quickly lose part of their beauty.

If you must travel from further to the Keukenhof, it is always a little bit a gamble. The safest would be around middle of April, which is also in the middle of the period that the Keukenhof gardens are opened.

Avoid the busy days. Eastern are the top days for the Keukenhof. There are many tourists in The Netherlands and on top also the local people have days of from work. You can expect these days major traffic jams just to reach the Keukenhof. It even happens that during the day you wll asked via radio and social media not to come anymore because it is full.

The best is to go during a weekday, and then outside a vacation period. The last week of April (starting the 28th) it is a school holiday in Holland. I would also try to avoid this period.

Keukenhof gardens 2018
Keukenhof gardens 2018
Keukenhof gardens 2018

Try to pick a sunny day

The Keukenhof is for 85% outdoor. In that aspect a rainy day is not the right day to visit the Keukenhof. Even more as sunshine will make all the colors look brighter and your pictures will look way better.

I am quite sure you will be impressed by the Keukenhof. Even if you don`t love flowers.

Keukenhof gardens Holland

A tip from Easy online flowers: If you are by car, make also a drive in the area around the Keukenhof. The main flower companies are in this area, and you will see many beautiful flower fields. And this for free!

And after you visit the Keukenhof, you might be interested in cheap flowers online oy you will start looking for flower shops.

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