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What is my best bet when order flowers for delivery for my girlfriend?

Order flowers for delivery. First thing first, it is a very thoughtful decision to buy flowers for your girlfriend. Girls love extra attention and a flower with a beautiful message can do the trick. It is very convenient to say that flowers are the best option.

Why should I gift her flowers and not anything else?

You can quickly drive to the nearest supermarket or start browsing through a website and order flowers for delivery but it starts getting complicated when you look at rows of flowers and all of them look fresh and beautiful.  Flower gifts you can find in many flower shops?

One of the big questions that come to your mind is which flower to buy for which occasion which we have already covered in our last blog, But there is always a personal preference and couple of more factors.

Here we are going to help you drill down the list.

You should gift flowers because they are a thoughtful and the most sought-after gift. They are must when you are meeting your girlfriend but wins hearts when you actually just order flowers for delivery. The unexpected gesture says a lot about the sender and note along with that add to the spice and make her all yours. Flowers are flattering and fill recipient’s heart with happiness and love. Flower arrangements are a perfect gift. And you can even send flowers today.

Which flowers to order for her birthday?

Gifts are important but when they are teamed up with flowers of her choice it makes it great. My recommendation does not go for reds as you will get ample options to gift red on anniversaries and valentines. But unless she doesn’t really love red roses don’t buy them and try other options. Roses are great, they are beautiful, they fill your heart with love but that is the easiest option and girls love for you to put in little more effort.

Which flowers to choose from other than roses for Valentine’s Day?

Because everyone gives red roses, they have become the obvious choice to order flowers for delivery. Girls love to be exclusively treated so opt for other beautiful flowers that look exceptional to you.  So it is like if everyone is a superhero than no one is superhero kind of thing. Also because the demand at the time of Valentine’s Day is so high the price of the red roses goes up too.

We suggest that you can lavender roses they signify enchantment if you are new in a relationship and if you are happily married then try red tulips. These flowers show your creative side and thoughtfulness just what a girl admires. So unless your lady is not totally into red roses avoid them on Valentine’s Day.

Order flowers for delivery

Here is a list of flowers that can turn to be really awesome and creative

Lilies – This is a beautiful flower with a good reputation and they come in all sizes and color. They can be kept alive for a lot longer and need very little care. They are aromatic and have a very pleasing fragrance. Lilies are highly recommended for its fragrance and strength. A big point to remember – If your girlfriend has cats at home, one should never buy Lilies.

Alstroemeria – They are great for keeping at your home and office as they can last for a week and more. They are small flowers. For a bouquet arrangement they flowers have to be clubbed with some other flowers to look little bulky. These are the kind of flowers you buy without any particular reason.

Gerbera daisies – These flowers are very flashy flowers. So if you are looking for something flashy that should be your choice. They are very good for your date night where you want to win that night with her without fail. These flowers are so beautiful that they are bound to make you happy.

Chrysanthemums – I personally like these flowers but in some parts of the world they are called death flowers, so if you are not afraid of that perception, then these flowers can do the magic for you. They come in all sizes and shapes.

Some other nice flowers that can be offered are – Hibiscus, Begonia, Dahlias, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinth, Peony, snapdragon etc.

Order flowers for delivery

There are certain flowers that you should definitely avoid. Which flowers are those?

There aren’t any flowers that should really be avoided but depending on few things you must leave those and pick others. We have already mentioned about roses. Roses are fine and some women just love roses.

It is just that they are little uncreative and does not need much effort but if your situation demands you to put a little effort and show that little more thoughtfulness then go for other flowers that we have listed above.

Tulips and Sunflower – Tulips are beautiful and fresh d so are sunflowers. They bring so much life and happiness. If your worktable has a couple of sunflower on them, you will end up being very happy. The only issue with these flowers is that you can’t keep them fresh for very long and after they die they do not look or smell good.

Gerbera daisies – I personally like them a lot, they look like they want to go into the lap of a beautiful chirpy girl. Just need to be avoided if you have a cat at home.

Other flowers you might want to avoid:

o Calla lilies and Hydrangeas – commonly seen in weddings so if you are not that close yet or are not at that point in your love life, please avoid else they can be wrongly perceived.

o Gardenias – they have a strong smell, I love the strong smell but not everybody is receptive to strong smells. So keep that in mind when going for Gardenias

Should I have them delivered to her workplace?

Good question. Well if you are new in this relationship and don’t know how she will react then play safe and ask her or her friend.  If she will receive flowers at her workplace she will definitely get that extra attention but does she need that at her workplace. Everyone will ask who the flowers are from.

Do you think she will be comfortable to answer that?  She may not yet be ready to disclose it to her coworkers and everybody else and things can go awkward. So it will be best to avoid that and get the flowers delivered at home.

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