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15 tips to Prolong Flower Life!

Flowers are the most beautiful and exquisite gift of nature that provides pleasure just at the sight of it. Prolong flower life or extend the life of your flowers with our tips! When full and blooming flowers are simply gorgeous, but at the same time, a drooping, lifeless bunch of flowers can be just as depressing to the eyes. 

Flowers are living object, maximize their life!

Moreover, flowers are living objects so, has a shorter mortality with a very short shelf life. Even if you buy flowers with a discount code, make sure to prolong the life of a vase of fresh flowers. So, quite obviously, you would want to ensure that the flowers remain in the room in which it is kept for a longer period of time. There so many flowers, but our tips will help to preserve almot all flowers.

If you the type of person who loves flowers but do not want to cut them from its plant because it is short-lived, here are a few suggestions to not only make the flowers last longer, but last longer with the same freshness and crispiness that it had when you bought or cut them. 

Our tips to Prolong Flower Life:

  1. A clean vase or vessel using a dab of vinegar if necessary to wipe out any possibilities of germs stuck inside.
  2.  Fresh, clean and warm water
  3. Check the stem of the flowers for its freshness. If its crisp and not soggy or loose, then its fresh.
  4.  After buying the flowers, wrap them in a damp towel while bringing them home
  5. Transfer them into a vase filled with water as soon as possible.
  6. Before placing them in a vase, cut the ends of the stem in a slanting direction and it should be a minimum of two inches from the end of the stem. This not only helps the stem to transport as much water as possible to keep the fresh cut flower hydrated.
  7. To maintain the life of the flowers for a longer period, continue with the cutting process of the flower stems every four – five days.
  8. The leaves and the petals of the flowers should be placed above the level of the vase water. Remove any leaves and petals that are in contact with the water. These are likely to decay faster, thereby making the flower look dull and enhance the growth of bacteria.
  9. When buying flowers, you might also want to buy flower food packets that are fresh so that you can use them starting from day one.
  10. When buying flower food packets from the commercial flower vendor on the street, ensure that the flower food packets are authorized ones.
  11. The flowers in the vase should be placed in a room which is not exposed to direct sunlight. The room should be cool in temperature and there should be a nip in the air within the room.
  12. Most importantly, the vase with flowers in it should be kept at a distance from appliances like the refrigerator that generate heat outside.
  13. Flowers kept in a room where fans are used surface area, frequently tend to dehydrate when exposed to the air generated by the fan.
  14. Avoid placing the flower vase near the fruits that are in the ripening stage as the fruits when at this stage release a gas called ethylene which can affect the freshness of the flowers.
  15. Cut the stems as quickly as possible, this will keep your flowers fresher.

Home Remedies to Prolong Flower Life:

The above guidelines make your flowers last longer, however, you can also employ some of the home remedies for flowers in the room kept looking fresh.   

  • Mix equal measures of apple cider vinegar and sugar well and add the solution to the water before placing the flowers in them. In case, you have run out of apple cider vinegar, you may use ordinary white vinegar quite effectively.
  •  Make a mixture using a teaspoon of sugar and water to which you may add a few drops of vodka or any type of clear spirit. Pour the water into the vase. This helps to fight any bacteria that might develop in the water.  You can also use lemon lime soda.
  • All types of flowers remain fresh for a longer period of time with crushed aspirin tablets. 
  • Copper coins are also good to keep the flowers in the vase looking fresh. Just add a few copper penny coins along with a couple of sugar cubes, in the vase before adding water.

All these home remedies for vase solutions ensure that your flowers are kept looking fresh and radiant for a longer period of time. However, none of these home remedies should be overdone or frequently done. The best frequency for water change that encourages flowers to remain fresh is to keep at every four to five days.

Prolong the life of your flowers!

So, prolong flower life with the useful tips and guidelines given above and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers for a long time. After all, it is said that “Earth laughs in flowers” according to R. W. Emerson, so enjoy the happiness of nature and the wild of the wilderness within the cozy, comfortable interiors of your home with beautiful flowers prolonged to stay fresh for long. 

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