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Understanding the art of roses in a box arrangements

It was Thomas Moore, the poet from Ireland, who said “You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.” Nothing can be closer to the truth as far as roses are concerned as its sweet fragrance is left behind even when it is withered away. Roses in a box emphasize this.

The rose is one of those flowers that is not only more eloquently than other flowers. But it also speaks of different emotions with each color it is made up of. A single stem with a rose on it is just as expressive as a bouquet of roses. And today along with it  being considered to be one of the most romantic of flowers. It is also known for the benefits it offers in the beauty industry as rose water. And moreover the rose essence are essential items of beauty treatment.

The most beautiful roses you can see in the Keukenhof in the Netherlands.

What Are Luxury Roses and How to Arrange Them?

Luxury roses are high quality roses and are extremely impressive in looks. The Luxury rose is   identified by its large sized heads and brilliant colors which is very vibrant and intense. Some of the best luxury roses are grown in Ecuador This is because lying on the westernmost side of the equator, the country. Because of that it receives direct sunlight making the colors of the luxury rose look extremely vibrant.

Moreover, the luxury rose also has a longer vase life. So it can be kept in a room for a longer period of time. The luxury roses can be arranged in myriad ways using anything ranging from a box to a vase. Or just tie them up to create a beautiful bouquet. The different ways in which luxury roses can be arranged include:

  • A simple square or rectangular shaped box with the roses arranged in a sequence.
  • Boxes shaped in the form of a heart, a soft toy, or a chocolate
  • An alphabetical letter to symbolize the name of the person receiving it as a gift
  • A small cylindrical shaped drum

These are just some of the ways in which the luxury roses can be arranged, however, there are many other ways of arrangement that can be created with a little imagination and innovative ideas. And you can send roses today.

The Different Ways in Which Roses Can Be Arranged in A Box?

Using a box is just one of the many ways in which roses can be arranged. The rose arrangements would depend on the aesthetic creativity and innovative ideas of the individual and though every individual is endowed with a natural sense of imagination, it is the way the individual perceives it that matters.

The rose arrangements in a box can be done to send a message of love and affection by arranging it in the shape of a heart. It can also be arranged in a very staid and straight-forward manner by arranging it in a rows and columns.

Factors to Consider   

When arranging roses in a box, it is important to know some Dos and Don’ts to ensure that the roses are arranged in the right way. Some of those Dos and Don’ts include:

Take care of the color of the roses and the box

  1. Ensure that the color of the box suits the color of the roses
  2. Match the color of the box and the flowers to the color code of the event in case there is a color code.
  3. Keep the person’s favorite color in mind when gifting the roses in a box,
  4. When using the box of roses   as a piece of décor, match the colors of the roses with that of the room and its décor.

Condition of the box you intend to use

  1. If it is a used box ensure that it is sturdy, intact and undamaged and that no part of the box is soggy or has any holes in it.
  2. Make the box sturdier by using gift wrapping paper, cardboard cutouts of different shapes and sizes and lace or ribbons.

Prior to arranging the roses

  1. Use a thin lining of either cellophane or cloth to cover the inside of the box. This helps in protecting the box from possible damage.
  2. Use a foam brick soaked in water and cut into small pieces and arrange the pieces in the box in such a way so that the entire box is covered.
  3. Trim the stem of the roses according to the size of the box.

Arrangement of Roses

The roses can be arranged in the box in any way that is preferred. Using fresh cut roses of different colors, a lovely floral pattern can be made.

Therefore, rose arrangements in a box is an easy and simple process and with a few innovative ideas, some of the most beautiful gifts of roses can be made.

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