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Tulips in a vase

Tulips In A Vase To Enhance The Décor Of Your Room!

One of the most colorful and relatively larger in size in comparison to other flowers that are generally found and used as décor. Especially Tulips in a vase. Tulips as a flower is shaped in the form of a bulb and hence the name “tulips” is believed to have originated from the Persian word meaning “turban” based on its shape. Use our discount codes, to save on the price of Tulips.

The Tulip family

With the family of tulips exceeding seventy-five types of species, the tulip is one of those flowers that most people find fascinating to décor up their homes, by placing the Tulips in a vase. The flowers are seasonal flowers and seen blooming in the Spring, and remain almost dormant during Summer, when its leaves and flowers dry and wither away. Tulips, grown in vast fields of land, enrich the color of the landscape, mainly in the springtime.

Special features of the tulips

Tulips are the most favored fresh flowers for décor in a room, as it has a number of special features which include:

  • When kept in a vase, the tulips last longer and can survive for many days.
  • Tulips in a vase have an extended lifespan, however, the survival of the tulips for a couple of days more depends on the proper and the good care extended to it

Water is the only vital ingredient that the tulips need to maintain the tulips for a long time. During hot weather you might add some ice cubes into the water, to stay fresh.

A vital factor about the tulips is that they continue to grow even when their stem is cut and trimmed. Wherever it grows, it is found standing tall and highly impressive.

Make a great gifting idea with fresh cut tulips. 

Choosing The Best Tulips

A major factor, is that when choosing the tulips, it needs to be done with much contemplation 

is the freshest and the best tulips not only live longer when kept in a vase but also adds to its 


  • Firstly, make sure that when buying tulips, you are able to identify the fresh ones, or else it’s best to take the help of someone who knows. To ensure that you have chosen the freshest tulips, just check out its bulb to see that it is not drooping. Also the color of the flower, should be bright and brilliant and there is no dullness in it.
  • Secondly, on touching the flowers and the stem, you should find them crispy and ready to snap if pressed. If it feels lifeless and loose, don’t buy them!
  • Thirdly, take a look at the leaves and if you find them bright green, they are fine or else if you find them turning yellowish do not accept them.
  • Finally, do not accept flowers that have either broken or even cracked stems and leaves.

Once you have bought the flowers, ensure that they are wrapped in paper towels or a damp cloth, so that they do not dry up by the time you reach home and place them in a vase with water.

Procedures That Keep the Tulips in A Vase Fresh

Take proper care of the flowers, to enhance the lifetime. The vase needs to be checked for its cleanliness, the water levels and the quality of the cold water that is to be used. The water must be fresh as tulips are known to thrive in fresh water. So, the water needs to be changed frequently. Besides the water line in the vase should be at a very safe level.

Before placing the tulips in the vase, cut the stems about 1/2 inch off the end of the stem, so that the part that is exposed to water is fresh and has not dried up. This helps the stem with the water uptake, to soak the fresh water easily.

The leaves, the stem and the spouts of the plant must be cut and trimmed accurately, which is usually every third or fourth day and recut the stems about an inch length from the bottom part of the stem. Remove any leaves which would be in the water.

The better care it receives, the more extended is its lifespan.

Cutting the Tulips

The best way to cut flowers and trim the tulip stem is to use a good sharp knife.

As soon as each stem is cut at its end, place them into the vase filled with water.

No part of the leaves or flowers should touch the water, and only the stem must remain hydrated at all times. This is how a good flower arranger takes care of the Tulips.

Use the right flower food

Make sure to use proper flower food to maintain the health of the tulips. You can either buy genuine flower food from the florist or get homemade ones. Cut flower food into the vase.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your room into an exotic world of fragrance and color. Head to the nearest florist right away and get those beautiful looking bunch of tulips for yourself. It’s not for nothing that the beauty of the tulips has inspired a festival named after it, in Holland, called the “The Tulip Festival”.   

You can buy Tulips and many places, like a grocery store. The easiest is to order Tulips for delivery. Tulips are relative cheap flowers and with using our discount codes you even save more.

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